Antibacterial soap? Useless!
antibacterial soap? useless!

Antibacterial soap? Useless!

Yet another piece of research has proven that using antibacterial soap will neither make you cleaner nor protect you against infection. Researchers in a South Korean lab have examined how effective a thorough hand wash really is when it comes to killing 20 of the most common bacteria. They found that antibacterial soaps were by no means more effective than other soaps.

So triclosan is not only risky but useless too?

It very much seems to be the case. Most antibacterial soaps are made with a chemical called Triclosan which is mostly used as an antiseptic and preservative in hand wash liquids and shower gels. This chemical has had quite a bad reputation and it can truly harm one’s health if used in bigger doses: it may cause resistance to antibiotics, allergic reactions and an imbalance in the hormone system. No wonder EU regulating bodies only regard it safe at minimal concentration.

Now it has turned out that Triclosan soaps don’t even provide better protection from diseases 

A 20-second hand wash with warm water is enough to protect you from the bacteria that cause the most common and most dangerous diseases.


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