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manna apricot butter

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  • not tested on animals
  • vegan
Apricot butter

Size: 100 ml

We combined apricot kernel oil and shea butter to pamper your dry, sensitive skin: get acquainted with Manna Apricot Butter!

Apricot butter

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The secret to soft skin

Apricot butter

Do you love apricots too? They're a delicious, healthy summer fruit. Their yellow-reddish smile is sure to cheer you up when you spot the ripe, velvety, tempting fruit waving to you from amongst the leaves of apricot trees. They're practically beckoning and calling you to caress them and enjoy their sweet taste. Did you know that not only is the pulp of the fruit a precious treasure, but its seed as well? It's cold-pressed to make apricot kernel oil.

I have some amazing news: the range of Manna products now includes Apricot Butter!

The Manna Apricot Butter is the perfect choice for you in the summer period as well, as its ingredients soften the skin and are ideal for your dry, sensitive skin.

Pamper your skin with magical Apricot Butter, this fabulous, real summer Manna treat!

Why choose the Manna Apricot Butter?

  • It features ingredients that soften the skin
  • Your dry, sensitive skin will be grateful for it
  • It's suitable for mature skin types
  • You can use it as either facial cream or body lotion
  • Try it as a hand cream or a way to pamper your feet

A blend of shea nuts and apricot kernels

Cold-pressed apricot kernel oil is blended with shea butter in order to ease its use. There's no need to introduce you the shea butter, as it has been one of the pillars of Manna since the very beginning, which is gained from the fruit of the karite tree, the seed of the shea nut. It's scentless, creamy and has a smooth texture: pampering, creamy and pure!

If you're a long-time Manna family member, you might recall that our product range previously featured Apricot Butter. An enthusiastic Manna fan, Andrea shared this adorable story with me:

"In the morning, two pharaoh ants were happily munching on my apricot butter, which I left slightly ajar the previous night, allowing them to get to it. This is despite the fact that I keep the butter on top of a tall stand. Oddly enough, it was a great test of its chemical-free nature. The ants survived the tasting and they loved the butter, but they're not getting anymore, since the rest is MINE!!! :)"

Give it a try and choose our Manna Apricot Butter: it's just what your skin needs!

We all have different skin. If you experience allergic symptoms from walnuts, nuts or latex, first apply a small amount of the shea butter in the crook of your elbow or the inside of your wrist. Only continue using the product once you're certain that it produced no allergic reactions (rashes, itching, breakouts) after a 24-hour period.

One more thing: the Manna Apricot Butter is entirely scent-free, so don't expect a fragrance of apricots when you open the jar!

How can Apricot butter help you?

  • 1


    It has a skin-softening effect

  • 6



    Suitable for extra dry, sensitive skin

  • 5

    Made with natural ingredients only


    It's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well

  • 1
  • 2 It has a skin-softening effect
  • 3 It's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well
  • 4 Suitable for extra dry, sensitive skin
  • 5 Made with natural ingredients only
  • 6 Scent-free

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii ButterSheavaj Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil Tocopherol

Ingredients: Shea butterSheavaj Apricot kernel oil Vitamin E

You can replace/forget these soon:

  • body cream / body lotion
    body cream / body lotion
  • hand cream
    hand cream
  • day cream
    day cream


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