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Baby bottom cream

Size: 100 ml

Discover the latest addition to Manna’s Kids range: the Manna Baby bottom cream, developed specifically to care for nappy-covered baby skin so your baby gets the best of everything. The solution is Manna Baby Bottom Cream that’s suitable even for the skin of the newborn.

Baby bottom cream

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You no longer have to look for the perfect bottom cream!

Baby bottom cream

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Skin type test

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Why is Manna Baby bottom cream a good choice for your baby’s sensitive skin?

We didn’t stop after a couple of months’ of testing. We spent a long time creating the latest Manna product for kids, making sure we get the perfect result. That’s how the new recipe was made – it will give you confidence that the skin of your child only meets top-quality vegan ingredients and minerals.

The base of the Manna Baby Bottom Cream is pure, golden, nourishing sesame oil full of vitamins and amino acids which make it outstanding at soothing and regenerating the skin. We enhanced the effects of that treasure by adding one of our favourite ingredients, the fantastically nourishing and hydrating shea butter which you probably already know.

It’s a common demand that a Baby bottom cream should not only be nourishing but fulfil all its functions – i.e. to protect the baby’s skin from moisture and prevent/ease itching. Based on the results seen on our test subjects we can claim that Manna Baby bottom cream lives up to all those demands: thanks to its natural ingredients like zinc-oxide, it provides your baby with adequate protection from moisture for the whole night.

We also put in some vitamin E which not only acts as a natural preservative – this vitamin is also the best antioxidant. The icing on the cake is lavender essential oil: we confidently claim that it’s the most versatile essential oil thanks to its beneficial effects and variety of uses.

I know, how important is for you, to use cosmetics made only from vegetable ingredients, so I decided, that even this Manna will be vegan! From now on, instead of the former beeswax, we will use candelilla wax, which is a 100% natural, plant-based thickener.

Let’s sum up why you should put it to the test yourself:
  • You can use it on newborn babies
  • It’s effective on even the most sensitive baby skin
  • Protects and hydrates
  • Protects from moisture all night long
  • Skin-soothing
  • Has a mild lavender scent
  • It’s made exclusively from natural ingredients

Give your baby all-round care! Try the Manna Baby bottom cream!

Important: each and every baby’s skin is unique. If your baby is allergic to nuts or latex, use only a tiny amount of shea butter in the fold of their arm or on the inside of their wrist. Use the product only if no allergic reactions (blushing, itching or rashes) occur within 24 hours.

To learn more about shea butter and latex, click here.

Take a sniff of this snow-white coloured treat – made with virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil – you will feel the unmistakable baby scent!

How can Baby bottom cream help you?

  • 1

    Made with natural ingredients only


    with skin-nourishing sesame oil

  • 6

    Rich in vitamin E


    With pure lavender essential oil

  • 5

    100% Vegan


    With unrefined organic shea butter

  • 1 Made with natural ingredients only
  • 2 with skin-nourishing sesame oil
  • 3 With unrefined organic shea butter
  • 4 With pure lavender essential oil
  • 5 100% Vegan
  • 6 Rich in vitamin E

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii ButterSheavaj Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil Zea Mays Starch Zinc Oxide Tocopherol Euphorbia Cerifera Cera Lavandula Angustifolia Oil LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil LinaloolAz illóolaj természetes összetevője

Ingredients: Shea butterSheavaj Sesame oil Zea mays (corn) starch Zinc oxide Vitamin E Candelilla wax Lavender essential oil LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil Linalool*Az illóolaj természetes összetevője

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