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manna grape seed beauty oil
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Manna Grape Seed Beauty Oil

Size: 1.69 fl oz

Introducing the new member of Manna’s beauty oil range – a bottle of refreshing goodness that will always bring to mind those sumptuous green grapes ripened by pure sunshine. No wonder that 100% pure grape seed oil is so refreshing for the skin.

Manna Grape Seed Beauty Oil

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Manna Grape Seed Beauty Oil

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Skin type test

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Fresh and silky goodness with the essence of sun-ripened grapes

50 ml of silky and nourishing care 

Picture a wonderful hillside full of grapevine as it appears through the haze of the summer heat – that sense of freshness inspired the latest Manna product: cold-pressed Grape Seed Oil. This golden balm will work wonders on your skin – it’s like spreading fruit pulp on your body. It’s time to try something new!

Light-green and famous for its delicate texture, this oil has been widely used in haute cuisine too – you may also have tried it as salad dressing, for example. We recommend Manna Grape Seed Beauty Oil for external use this time – but thanks to its rich nutrients, it’s just as nourishing for the skin as it is for the rest of the body.

Grape Seed Oil is exceptionally rich in antioxidants, unsaturated, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, fruit acid as well as vitamins. Famously high in vitamin E and F, it’s a very effective moisturiser that’s easily absorbed by the skin due to its light, oily texture. It doesn’t leave behind oily stains or an oily feel. It has a mild scent that’s a bit similar to grape cider.

It’s ideal for everyday skin care and your skin will love you for it as it becomes soft, firm and radiantly healthy.

Put it to the test if:
  • You are suffering from dry skin
  • You have mature skin
  • You are looking for an effective weapon against spots and acne
  • You want to reduce the signs of tiredness around the eyes
  • You are looking for a massage oil that is 100% pure and easily absorbed
  • You are looking to use it for body-, foot- and/or lip care
  • You can even put it on your hair! 


Grape seed oil is particularly recommended as a pack on hair bulbs used before or after washing hair. It will make your hair softer and silkier while providing ample care for your scalp.

Don't worry if you feel your oil isn't pure enough! There's nothing to worry about! The oil contains plant fiber, which is so small that it slips through even the finest of filters. If you can see similar particles in your beauty oil, you can be sure that it's a cold-pressed, unrefined oil - which means that your beauty oil has retained the plant's range of exceptional abilities.

Try our airy, silky-smooth, light green Manna grape seed oil, which grants a sense of fruity freshness for your skin, making it even more radiant and full of vitality!

Hint! Shake the Manna beauty oil before use, since this helps disperse the fine plant fibre in it!

How to use

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    Massage a few drops of it into wet skin (or in dry skin, with wet hands). Don’t use a cotton wad or other tools, just your fingertips. Please choose a different beauty oil if you are allergic to grapes.

    Tip: Enhance the effects further by mixing the oil with shea butter or other beauty oil(s).

    Keep it out of your eyes and mouth and don't use it on your private parts!

How can Manna Grape Seed Beauty Oil help you?

  • 1

    For all skin types


    It's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well

  • 6

    Rich in vitamin E


    Also perfect as day- and night serum

  • 5

    It makes your skin softer and silkier


    Its also a fantastic massage oil

  • 1 For all skin types
  • 2 It's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well
  • 3 Its also a fantastic massage oil
  • 4 Also perfect as day- and night serum
  • 5 It makes your skin softer and silkier
  • 6 Rich in vitamin E

INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil

You can replace/forget these soon:

  • eye cream
    eye cream
  • hair mask
    hair mask
  • it's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well
    It's so gentle you can use it on eczema as well
  • day cream
    day cream


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