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premium shea butter

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  • not tested on animals
  • vegan
Premium shea butter

Size: 100 ml

Discover Manna Premium shea butter, the luxury edition of the skin-kind treat. Is it possible to improve an already superb Manna classic? The answer is simple: we can always make Good even Better!

Premium shea butter

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The luxury edition of a skin-kind treat

Premium shea butter

If you like Organic shea butter then it’s time to indulge! Want to know why?

It’s time to discover the luxury edition of a skin-kind treasure!

We tested it, loved it and brought it to You. It’s the new luxury edition of a traditional health elixir – and it’s called Manna Premium shea butter. How is it possible to improve on an already superb Manna product? Our answer: you can always make your best even better!

Shea butter is gained from the fruit of the karité tree – the kernel of the shea nut – with painstaking and, in Manna’s case, exclusively manual work.

There is a difference between shea nut and shea nut – the good news is that this most perfect of raw materials has become more pampering, hydrating and better and better... than ever.

It’s important to know that the highest-quality shea butter is produced in West Africa – this type of shea butter contains much more vitamins than butters from East Africa. We want the best for you and we guarantee that Manna Premium Shea Butter always comes from the most trusted West African sources.

The original, high-quality, unrefined shea butter protects you from the cold, wind, heat and other challenges that the elements may throw at your skin. On top of that protection, shea butter stimulates and activates skin cells, speeds up regeneration and rejuvenates the skin.

What’s in Premium Shea Butter that makes it so good for your skin?

  • Important fatty acids: they give shea butter its healing properties
  • Vitamin A keeps your skin clean
  • Vitamin E regenerates the skin. Together with vitamin A it keeps your skin firm and youthful.
  • Vitamin F protects your skin from dryness

Don’t rely on my words only: put it to the test and see with your own eyes (and feel with your own hands) that Premium Shea Butter is one of Manna’s best skin care products!

Expect a much softer, milder, easier-to-spread texture than that of normal shea butter. It has the usual, slightly smoky aroma though – you don’t mind it either do you? You only have to make this one tiny compromise – in return you can pamper yourself with a 100% natural product that contains no added scents.

You can also be proud of yourself: you protect the environment and support the fair trade network by using a handmade skin care product.

Its skin-softening and smoothing effects are simply unmatched – it regenerates, nourishes and protects.

What to expect when you use Manna Premium shea butter?

  • Smooth, healthy, silky and hydrated skin
  • Its nourishing ingredients make it excellent for eczema too
  • You can also use it on spotty skin and acne
  • Even your baby’s skin will love it – use it as bottom cream, post-bath oil or moisturiser
  • It’s great to use after sunbathing to soothe sunburned skin

You can win back a lot of useful space in your bathroom if you get a pot of Manna Premium Shea Butter! Here are the many ways and forms you can use it:

  • As facial cream
  • As body cream
  • As eye cream
  • As lip balm
  • As soothing cream after sunbathing
  • As hand cream
  • As foot cream
  • As baby bottom cream

Mind that each and every one of us has unique skin. If you are allergic to nuts or latex, spread a tiny amount of organic shea butter in the fold of your elbow or on the inside of your wrist. Use the product only if no allergic symptoms (blushing, itching, rashes) occur within 24 hours. To learn more about the links between shea butter and latex click here: LINK

What does Your skin say? Does it want to meet Manna Premium shea butter?


Keep it out of your eyes and mouth and don't use it on your private parts!

How can Premium shea butter help you?

  • 1

    100% Vegan


    with a uniquely creamy texture

  • 6

    pure, unrefined butter


    Anti-wrinkle, skin tightener

  • 5

    Nourishing, moisturising, regenerative


    Perfect after sunbathing, it soothes sunburned skin

  • 1 100% Vegan
  • 2 with a uniquely creamy texture
  • 3 Perfect after sunbathing, it soothes sunburned skin
  • 4 Anti-wrinkle, skin tightener
  • 5 Nourishing, moisturising, regenerative
  • 6 pure, unrefined butter

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii ButterSheavaj

Ingredients: Shea butterSheavaj

You can replace/forget these soon:

  • night cream
    night cream
  • body cream / body lotion
    body cream / body lotion
  • eye cream
    eye cream
  • lip balm
    lip balm
  • hand cream
    hand cream


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