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magic foam soap

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Magic foam soap

Size: 250 ml

Creamy, rich foam; playful packaging; wonderful scent and 100% chemical-free ingredients – Magic Foam ensures that washing becomes a big fun for the little ones.

Magic foam soap

Size: 250 ml
Size: 250 ml

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9.30 €
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Amazingly foaming liquid soap for children

Magic foam soap

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

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Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Magic foam – the first liquid soap for children with amazing foam and 100% chemical-free ingredients

Manna’s Kids range has got a brand new addition. Inside and out, Magic foam liquid soap was designed specifically for children: its playful looks are enhanced with a special cap so it only takes the push of a button to add more fun to a hand wash or bath!
Magic Foam comes with all the usual benefits of Manna soaps: it’s completely free of chemicals, preservatives, colours and additives. It has a soft floral scent and on top of that it’s very good value for money too. So what’s inside?

At the heart of the Magic foam liquid soap is antioxidant-rich sesame oil – and sunflower oil which is full of lecithin, tocopherols and vitamin A, E and D. Thanks to its gentle ingredients, sunflower oil is suitable for treating eczema, skin blushing, minor skin inflammations as well as extra dry skin.
We further enhanced the benefits of those ingredients with one of our favourite Manna ingredients, i.e. superbly foaming coconut oil. To give it a wonderful, caressing smell too, we added some 100% pure lavender essential oil too. Based on our experience, this skin-soothing substance is one of the most versatile medicinal herbs available. Tailored to the skin care needs of children, Magic Foam also comes with an extra load of vitamin E.
To ensure that the little ones get used to the natural ingredients quickly and easily – and to make the everyday washing and bath the fun of the day – Magic foam comes in a bottle of playful design. It has a special cap which gives extra foaminess to the ingredients, making the liquid even more attractive. Don’t hesitate, give it a try!

Show your child this new, liquid, nourishing soap – with its rich foam it’s bound to make them happy and make you confident that you are giving the sensitive skin of your child high-quality, chemical-free care every day.

Warning: Due to its essential oil content, the Magic Foam liquid soap may provoke allergic reactions in those who are intolerant to essential oils.

How can Magic foam soap help you?

  • 1

    100% Vegan


    palm oil-free soap

  • 6

    Use it from head to toe


    Safe to use on babies and children

  • 5

    With high vitamin E content


    An exclusive foam experience

  • 1 100% Vegan
  • 2 palm oil-free soap
  • 3 An exclusive foam experience
  • 4 Safe to use on babies and children
  • 5 With high vitamin E content
  • 6 Use it from head to toe

INCI: Aqua Potassium SesameseedateSzappanosított szezámolaj Potassium Sunflower Seedate Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Potassium Cocoate Tocopherol LinaloolAz illóolaj természetes összetevője LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil

Ingredients: Water (aqua) Saponified sesame oilSzappanosított szezámolaj Saponified sunflower oil Lavender flower Saponified coconut oil Vitamin E Linalool*Az illóolaj természetes összetevője LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil

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