Irremovable chemical traces on your skin
irremovable chemical traces on your skin

Irremovable chemical traces on your skin

American scientists have created a 3D map of the human skin – and it showed a lot of traces left by synthetic chemicals.

Researchers in California asked a woman and a man to avoid using any cosmetics/deodorants for 3 days. The researchers took samples from 400 different areas of the subjects’ body and created a 3D map of their skin.

The result puzzled even the scientists themselves. They had long known about the microbes (bacteria and fungi) that live on the skin surface and they had also observed dead skin cells and external impurities settling on the skin.

But there is more.

Industrial chemicals leave their mark on your skin

The research found that traces of synthetic chemicals covered about 8 percent of the total skin surface. Although the subjects hadn’t used shower gel or deodorant for three days prior to the test (they only washed with water), their skin still bore the marks of chemicals contained in shampoos and sun creams.
The question now is: how do these chemicals affect the body and what health risks do they present? This particular study did not aim to answer those questions. However, the participating scientists suggested that the constant presence of irremovable chemicals must have an impact on the natural balance of the skin.


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