Data Protection Declaration

Data protection guidelines

Manna knows that the responsible handling of your personal data is of critical importance. First, we would like thank you for your trust.

Processing your personal data

We regard your data as strictly confidential and we do not disclose them to anyone else. The necessary exceptions to this rule are the data we send to our partners involved in the payment and delivery of your order – they need to know your data in order to complete your purchase.

What information does your browser tell us during your visit?


When you are using our webpage, installs a site-specific cookie (‘session cookie’) to your browser. You can delete this cookie anytime using the ‘delete cookies’ command in your browser settings.

Cookies help to give you the best browsing experience. Thanks to them and our partners you will always get the best, customized offers while surfing the web. If you don’t want to see Manna offers please click here.


Every time you visit a website your computer sends a lot of data to the server. Most servers store these data in the form of log files which then allow us to map the most visited pages as well as the external websites that people had visited directly before these pages. We can also see what web browsers are used to visit our websites.

We use that data exclusively for our own statistical purposes and never pass them to third parties.

How can Manna keep in touch with you?

Via e-mail, using the e-mail address you have given. You can find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of all our e-mails (blog alerts, article series or special offers). If you decide to do so, you only have two clicks to make: after the first click we will ask you to enter your e-mail address (the one to which we have been sending e-mails), then a final click on ‘unsubscribe’ will finish the process.

Via text message. We may text you the most important notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. You can cancel text alerts in the Weboffice.

Through re-marketing. If you show interest in a particular product or special offer Manna may send you banner ads (ads with images) or written offers using the cookies in your browser.


I accept the terms and conditions of website browsing.