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100% money back guarantee

    We have no doubts that our products will satisfy you and our expertise will make your healthier – we are so confident that we are offering 100% money back guarantee on each and every one of our products. If a product hasn’t met your expectations, you only need to send what’s left of it (min. 30% of the original volume) back to us within 30 days of purchase. Use your 16-digit order reference and give us your bank details and we will refund you the order total (but not the cost of return).

    In short, we take all the risk off your shoulders so you can go ahead and enjoy the wonderful effects of your 100% natural cosmetics.

    Important: For accounting reasons...

    - If you buy a bundle (e.g. Solution bundle or a Christmas gift bundle) the guarantee covers the package as a whole. As all products in the bundle appear as one item on the invoice, you can request a refund on the whole package but not on the individual products.

    - For products purchased with a 3+1 special offer, the 30-day money back guarantee only applies if you send back all 4 products

    - The 30-day money back guarantee does not apply to gift vouchers. However, you can cancel a voucher and get full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided that the voucher has not yet been used.


    To what address should I return the product?

    Manna Natúr Kozmetikum Európa Zrt.
    Áti-Sziget Ipari park 41, H-2310, Szigetszentmiklós


Website owner

    • Seller: Manna Natúr Kozmetikum Európa Zrt. (Location: H-2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Áti-Sziget Ipari park 41.; Company registration number: Cg. 13-10-041551; Tax number: 25424272-2-13; Owner: Zsolt Bencsik);
    • E-Mail: customerservice(at)mannasoap(dot)uk
    • Location: H-2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Áti-Sziget Ipari park 41., Hungary
    • Company registration number.: 13-10-041551,
    • Tax number.: HU25424272

What is the phone number of the courier company


What time will my order be delivered?

    The courier company will deliver the package to your home or your workplace so it’s worth giving an address where they can find you during the day.

    Normally, the courier company will deliver your package between 8am and 5pm but you might be able to agree upon a specific time. Contact them and they will help if they can.

How much does delivery cost?

    United Kingdom
    order total delivery cost
    £0 - £30.00 = £4
    £30.01 - £40.01 = £2
    £40 -   = £0
    United States of America
    order total delivery cost
    $0 - $40.00 = $7
    $40.01 -   = $0

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