New In: Manna shower gels
new in: manna shower gels

New In: Manna shower gels

It took years to develop and test them – but now, your new favourites are finally here for the taking. Excited yet?

The wait is over: the two brand new Manna shower gels have finally arrived – with two different scents: heart-warming sweet orange and sparkling rosemary and peppermint.

5+1 rock-solid facts that speak for them:

The 2 brand new, beautifully opaque shower gels:

  1. Both 100% natural and chemical free
  2. Palm oil free
  3. Excellent foam
  4. Made of sesame oil, sunflower oil and pure coconut oil
  5. With the pleasant, fresh scent of 100% pure essential oils
+1: both shower gels have special, handy packaging so you can use them with one hand anywhere. Take them to your summer trips too!
No doubt, both shower gels could be perfectly refreshing and pampering travel companions. Will you take them with you?

Take the brand new Manna shower gels with you on your holiday, on your bank holiday getaway, to your favourite music festival or to the gym. I promise, they won’t let you down!

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