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alginite skin regeneration mask with white tea

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Alginite mask with white tea

Size: 100 ml

Here comes the new member of Manna’s beauty mask range! Discover the wonderful new Manna beauty mask made with mineral-rich alginite! We made it even more unique by adding white tea.

Alginite mask with white tea

Size: 100 ml
Size: 100 ml

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12.10 €
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A fantastic face mask

Alginite mask with white tea

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Skin type test

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

The soul of this Manna product is millions of years old!

Alginite is a fossil mud rich in minerals – such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, natural algae and humic acid. It was formed millions of years ago in the caldera of the volcanoes that line the Northern shore of Lake Balaton.
It’s a natural treasure that can be found mostly in the Carpathian Basin and the richest quarries of this fossil mud are on the Northern shores of Lake Balaton. Locals have been using alginite for everyday purposes for decades – we discovered it for ourselves (and for you) because of its outstanding benefits in skin care.

Cosmetic-grade alginite nourishes your skin with 100% natural components. It’s the perfect choice for all skin types as it’s effective on oily, spotty, combination and dry skin alike.

And that’s not the end of it – we have also added white tea in order to make the effects of this mask even more impressive!
White tea is a real rarity steeped legends, and its skin care benefits are unmatched. It contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins and it’s packed with important trace elements such as nickel, chrome, manganese and iron.

Thanks to its wonderful ingredients, Alginite Mask with White Tea will have an instant and visible effect on your skin. Treat your skin to chemical-free, 100% natural and nourishing care!

Important: Alginite-based cosmetics may provoke allergic reactions in those who have metal intolerance.

How to use

  • andrea photo
    Mix the mask with a few drops of water until you get a paste. With circular movements, spread it evenly on the skin surface. Leave it on until dry then carefully wash it off. Marvel at the results!

    The pot contains enough powder for at least 15 masks – use only 1-2 teaspoons’ of it each time, mixing it with water or natural yoghurt to get a paste-like texture.

    Manna masks may also be combined with beauty oil instead of water.

How can Alginite mask with white tea help you?

  • 1

    Palm oil-free



  • 6

    made of 100% natural ingredients


    With pure mineral clay

  • 5

    with special alginite


    For all skin types

  • 1 Palm oil-free
  • 2 Scent-free
  • 3 For all skin types
  • 4 With pure mineral clay
  • 5 with special alginite
  • 6 made of 100% natural ingredients

INCI: Alginit Camellia Sinensis (White tea) Powder

Ingredients: Alginite White tea powder


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