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geranium & rosemary cream deodorant
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Geranium rosemary cream deodorant

Size: 50 ml

Imagine a cool breeze caressing your skin and your hair, with a scent so fresh you would love to feel it all day. Now, you can make this experience a part of your everydays!

Geranium rosemary cream deodorant

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Refreshing breeze with the touch of morning dew

Geranium rosemary cream deodorant

Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

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Are you in doubt as to which Mannas to use for your skin?

Close your eyes and imagine the touch of a cool breeze: it caresses your skin, refreshes your body and soul and strokes your hair gently – and it has a scent so fresh you would love to feel it all day long. From now on, you can enjoy this fantastic sensation every day!

Just like the other Manna cream deodorants, the Geranium rosemary cream deodorant proved several times over: it provides a great solution against body odours.

Natural deodorant with an irresistible scent

The Manna cream deodorant neutralizes body odours and doesn't prevent the release of natural toxins through sweating.

We deliver the latter solution and we do it with natural ingredients so that you get a top-quality, effective yet skin-kind weapon against unpleasant odours. We enhanced the effect with 100% pure essential oils – so that Geranium & rosemary makes you irresistible.

Geranium & Rosemary – a refreshing breeze with a hint of morning dew

What makes this special product so refreshing and gentle? And, what’s even more important: what makes it a superb weapon against sweating?

The Geranium rosemary cream deodorant was made with pure natural ingredients and is guaranteed to be free of chemicals and palm oil, providing top quality, skin-friendly solutions against body odours. It's effect is boosted with divine-scented, 100% pure essential oils to make sure the Geranium rosemary cream deodorant will make you irresistible! It also contains natural starch which doesn’t stop perspiration but absorbs moisture and acts as a siccative (drying agent) – yet its protective qualities make it perfectly skin-friendly. It’s easy to wash off with lukewarm water.

The Geranium rosemary cream deodorant contains ingredients such as top quality Ghana shea butter and pure coconut oil. We enhanced it with 100% geranium, rosemary, frankincense and eucalyptus oils to make it even fresher and more fragrant. It also includes natural starch which doesn't prevent the process of sweating, yet is a great moisture absorber and can be removed with lukewarm water. Furthermore, it contains baking soda as a natural way of countering body odours.

What do you get in Geranium & rosemary cream deodorant?

  • Nourishing, hydrating shea butter
  • Nourishing coconut oil, an intensive moisturiser
  • Wonderfully fragrant geranium essential oil
  • Skin-soothing rosemary essential oil
  • Corn starch for natural moisture absorption
  • The spicy scent of frankincense essential oil
  • Bicarbonate soda to neutralise unpleasant body odours
  • Cool eucalyptus essential oil

Try this unique, natural Manna cream deodorant which simultaneously provides a way of effectively dealing with unpleasant body odours and grants you fragrant skin with its 100% natural ingredients!

Important: When you replace aluminium-based antiperspirants with 100% natural Manna cream deodorants your skin and your body may need a couple of weeks to adapt. Some people only feel the positive effects of the change but in some cases skin irritation, flushing and itchiness can occur. You may also need to wash several times a day. That’s mostly because your body starts to detoxify itself. No two people are the same so it’s hard to predict exactly how much time your body will need to switch. That depends on a number of factors: sex, age, health and even on your diet. Our advice is to give your body some time once you have started to use Manna cream deodorant(s).

The cream deodorant may provoke allergic reaction in the following cases:

  • In latex intolerants (it contains shea butter)
  • In people who are allergic to some components of essential oils (it contains essential oils)
  • In those whose sweat is too acidic (which might be a consequence of detoxification) and therefore it enters in chemical reaction with bicarbonate soda (alkaline)

If you are allergic to nuts or latex, spread a tiny amount of the cream deodorant in the fold of your elbow or on the inside of your wrist. Use the product only if no allergic symptoms (blushing, itching, rashes) occur within 24 hours. To learn more about the links between shea butter and latex click here: LINK

And if it has worked for you, use it and enjoy – as far as we’re concerned, we can no longer live without it :)

How to use

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    Manna tip: cleanse your armpits with soap and water before sleep and do not use the product overnight.

    Germanium & rosemary cream deodorant comes in a pot – so it’s gentle both to the environment and the sweat glands of the armpit. Use it as follows:

    • Melt a small amount (a pea-sized blob) in your palm and massage it gently into the armpits, spreading it evenly on the surface
    • Just as you would do with any other deodorant, leave it to dry a bit. That allows your skin to absorb the cream and prevents stains on your clothes
    • Wash your hands thoroughly after use. Protect the cream deodorant from heat and light.

    Warning: The product contains essential oils; therefore its use is not advised during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How can Geranium rosemary cream deodorant help you?

  • 1

    With rosemary and geranium essential oils


    Made with natural ingredients only

  • 6

    Refreshment for the whole day


    It protects for your skin and replenishes nutrients

  • 5

    With unrefined organic shea butter


    It neutralises bacteria that cause unpleasant smells

  • 1 With rosemary and geranium essential oils
  • 2 Made with natural ingredients only
  • 3 It neutralises bacteria that cause unpleasant smells
  • 4 It protects for your skin and replenishes nutrients
  • 5 With unrefined organic shea butter
  • 6 Refreshment for the whole day

INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii ButterSheavaj Zea Mays Starch Sodium Bicarbonate Cocos Nucifera Oil Pelargonium Graveolens Oil Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil Boswellia Frereana Resin OilTömjén illóolaj Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf OilEukaliptusz illóolaj GeraniolAz illóolaj természetes összetevője CitronellolAz illóolaj természetes összetevője LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil LinaloolAz illóolaj természetes összetevője

Ingredients: Shea butterSheavaj Zea mays (corn) starch Sodium Bicarbonate Coconut oil Rose geranium oil Rosemary oil Boswellia frereana oilTömjén illóolaj Eucalyptus essential oilEukaliptusz illóolaj Geraniol*Az illóolaj természetes összetevője Citronellol*Az illóolaj természetes összetevője LimoneneNatural Ingredient Of The Essential Oil Linalool*Az illóolaj természetes összetevője

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