Healing starts in your soul
healing starts in your soul

Healing starts in your soul

Physical health is based on mental health.

We're all aware of this fundamental truth, yet there are still periods from time to time when illness and despair sweeps you off your feet.

At times like this, you should try to settle down and focus inwardly on your thoughts. You can influence your health by having positive, harmonious and joyful thoughts. As soon as something disrupts your thoughts from this unity, the energies flowing through your body are disturbed which leads to physical symptoms.

Pay attention to yourself!

If you feel like you're not in balance and negative thoughts are buzzing through your mind, then it's time to stop running around for a moment and tend to your soul

Music therapy

Uplifting, soothing music and the melodies imitating the sounds of nature can have a wonderful effect on your state of mind and help ease tension and anxiety. Give yourself twenty minutes a day to close your eyes, let go of your problems and give into relaxing music.

I'm sure you've heard this expression before. It refers to a conscious presence or an alert form of attention. Its essence lies in learning to use your attention to be present in every little moment of your life. No matter what you do, focus on the activity at hand instead of letting your thoughts wander off to the past or the future. It's not easy, but you can quickly experience its beneficial effect!

When you silence your mind and don't think of anything, you can completely relax. If you're still a beginner in this field, look for guided meditation videos on the internet. Even 10 minutes can make you feel refreshed!

Don't think of something particularly challenging. It's enough to pamper yourself at the end of the day and let the fragrances and medicinal herbs help you relax.

Try the above-listed tips and don't forget that the real path to health lies in self-knowledge, positive thoughts, the acceptance of yourself and others as well as establishing love, balance and harmony in your soul.

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