The power of now
the power of now

The power of now

"Don't be afraid of tomorrow and don't dwell on the past as they don't exist. It's always today." When I first saw this motto on a social media page, I immediately felt it captured a great truth. It encourages us to live in the moment and dare to be present in our own lives, as we can only be truly happy in the present moment.

Naturally, life goes on and for most of us, the "present moment" is nothing more than an abundance of flashing thoughts that usually consist of brooding over the past or worrying about the future. When you're filled with thoughts, they often take you in the wrong direction. You surely know what I mean if you've ever caught yourself analyzing 5-10 year old workplace or personal grievances. The key is noticing what's going on. While you're out and about constantly thinking about something, often unnecessary matters, you're missing out on life, which is none other than the present moment. You can only experience gratitude, joy and the miracle of existence in "the now". If you set your sights on this, you can fill your life with wonderful moments which will be worthy of remembering. Don't let the continuous stream of thoughts sideline you and forget about what means the most: your LIFE taking place in the present moment.

Now you're surely wondering how this can be accomplished in your busy day-to-day life.

The good news is that you can refocus on the tranquility of yourself and the present moment, anywhere, at any time. The next time you notice you're overcome by panic and your head is filled with all the things you have to do, stop for a moment. The first step is to focus on your breathing, thus establishing a connection with yourself. Then take a moment to notice and consciously realize your surroundings. What surrounds you, what can you see? Admire the winter nature or a snowflake. Notice how the pleasant warmth of heating caresses your skin.

Try capturing the state you're in: where do you find tension or relaxedness in your body? After realizing all of this, the next step is to appreciate the phenomena, admire them and feel a sense of gratitude! If you think there's nothing to be grateful for, perform this simple exercise: close your eyes, stretch your arms out to the side and stay this way motionlessly. Ask yourself the question: now that I can't see my arms, how do I know I still have them stretched out? At this point, you'll realize that you can sense a tingling in your limbs and your whole body, which is none other than the life-force flowing through your body. This is a wonderful sensation, so be grateful, nourish and be happy for the wonderful energy of your life! It keeps thrumming through you even when you’re stressfully running about on your duties while your brain is busy thinking about all sorts of problems. This slow, even and calm tingling is there inside of you, which you can "conjure up" and consciously realize at any time.

Finally, let me offer you a few tips that can help you live in the present moment!

Try spending as much time in nature as possible, as it will comfort you and provide plenty of opportunities to admire the wonder and beauty of existence. If you don't have the chance to do so, I suggest you keep a mineral or crystal on your person at all times, or even a simple pebble, shell or something to get in touch with nature.
The time spent with animals can also help you stay in the present moment. Look at your cat or dog: they are always living in the now. Only the present moment exists for them and it's a joy to see how happy they are. If you're in their proximity their sheer existence can remind you that life is a miracle and your mental harmony is not dependent on your achievements.

Finally, I'd give you the tip that doubles as the philosophy of Manna: natural, pure solutions. Don't make your life too complicated and try simplifying things instead. Instead of always seeking out the next activity, task or thing to do, try pampering yourself! Choose natural, pure solutions. Enjoy the silky caress of natural cosmetics on your skin and feel the way the essential oils liberate you. Notice the joy they bring you! Live in the moment! Be happy!

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