Professional mens skincare
professional mens skincare

Professional mens skincare

Have you ever thought about pampering the men in your family with natural skincare products? Your favorite Mannas can take care of their skin as well. Let me show you the best choices for men from the range of Manna products!

When talking about Manna cosmetics, we often limit ourselves to women, even though facial and full body skincare is just as important for men as well, since the cold, windy weather dries their skin and their pores can end up clogged as well. Furthermore, regular shaving requires additional attention and care. Naturally, there are differences between the skin of men and women. Men's skin is somewhat thicker and usually greasier and more oily, so the kinds of products they choose to use can make a difference.

Here are the 4 best Mannas you can treat the men in your family to over the autumn months! You'll see, they'll definitely be a hit and they're sure to make them Manna fans. What's even better is that you can borrow the Mannas from them at any time. Let's see what's indispensable for men's skincare.

Manna scrub enriched with coconut shavings, poppy seeds and sea salt

Dead epidermis cells and impurities must be regularly removed from men's skin as well, with gentle massaging that is ideally carried out with a scrub. Treat them to the latest Manna scrub that features a number of natural treasures amongst its ingredients, such as sea salt, coconut shavings, poppy seeds, Epsom salt, virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil. These could be featured in a recipe for some divine pastry, but trust me, they'll appreciate this gift more than a plate full of poppy seed biscuits. The four kinds of abrasive materials will enliven the skin and its refreshing mint scent is sure to put him in a good mood!

Cedarwood Shaving Soap

If he's just getting acquainted with natural cosmetics, I recommend you treat him to this soap that's perfect for shaving. The Cedarwood Shaving Soap with eucalyptus oil offers a clean and fresh scent, providing a slippery surface for even blunt razors to slide through stubble. Featuring plant-based ingredients and a characteristic pure scent that is sure to steal the hearts of men. They can use it to replace a number of "creams" as this way, there's no need to use shaving foam and aftershave and it's great for bathing as well. Top off the experience by combining the treat with a Cedarwood After Shave Balm. A duo of products specifically designed for the skincare needs of men.

Coco Salt Soap

The COCO Salt soap has achieved almost legendary status in the range of Manna products, for a good reason. I specifically recommend it for men, as its mild scrubbing effect and the unique touch of sea salt makes it perfect for the pores of slightly greasier skin. Use after showering for a clean, groomed, fresh sensation. It's great for morning facial washes as well. The facial skin of men gets dirty just like that of women and their pores can get clogged, leading to blackheads, acne and inflammations.

Organic Ghana shea butter

Most men shy away from using body lotion or facial creams because they're afraid that they can't get rid of their characteristic scent and they want to avoid smelling "womanly" or ending up with shiny skin. Organic Ghana shea butter and Premium shea butter, made from the nut of the shea tree, have an unmistakably raw, neutral scent that is perfect for men. A thin layer of butter is more than enough to care for dry spots.

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    • Thomas
    • 2019-07-05 14:48

    You generally need to make a point to wash your face utilizing a men's face wash before utilizing men's face moisturizer. Applying to a non-washed down face can cause the cream to seal in oil, sweat and different debasements into your pores. Utilize a face wash for men that is intended for your skin type. * (* removed by the editor because of advertisement)

    • Thomas
    • 2019-07-05 14:48