Want to be vegan? Heres how to get started!
want to be vegan? heres how to get started!

Want to be vegan? Heres how to get started!

Do you always feel bad about animal-based foodstuffs? Want to change your lifestyle and live a more conscious, healthier life? Then a vegan diet is just what you need. Here's a taste if you decide to head in this direction!

Vegan diets are based on plant-based nutrition.

Even if you can't imagine your kitchen without meat, eggs and dairy products, it's still worth trying it for a while, since it has a lot of advantages and you might just like it.

Let's start with the fact that your skin will be radiantly beautiful by eating a lot of vegetables and healthy ingredients. Vegetables and fruit with high water content can help you maintain the hydration of your skin whilst the wide range of vitamins and minerals can eliminate potential vitamin deficiencies.

Vegan diets can also help you shed excess weight in a natural way. There's nothing special to it: it's just skipping animal fats and eating much more fiber. Apart from being just as nutritious and filling, plant-based food usually contains fewer calories than dairy products and animal-based foodstuffs.
If you adopt a vegan diet, you'll notice how much energy you'll have after a while. This is due to the fact that instead of eating too many processed foodstuffs, you're providing yourself with pure ingredients and natural plants, so you're not burdening your body with the task of ridding itself of preservatives and additives.

How to take the first step?

Start by making vegan dishes and beverages! There's no need to start with the most complex recipes, just try your hand at making your first vegan fritters. You'll see how easy it is to make them and how tasty they are. Here's the recipe for a mushroom-chickpea fritter:

Process four hands full of chickpeas soaked in water overnight with 8-9 button mushrooms in a food processors, followed by adding salt, pepper, ground paprika, garlic and finely chopped red onions. Add a coffee grinder's worth of ground flax seeds which will serve as an egg replacement to hold all the ingredients together.

Form fritters from the mass, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a pan with coconut oil. Then place on a baking tin and continue baking the fritters in the oven, which prevents them from getting too dry, while absorbing less oil.

Naturally, being vegan includes using only vegan products - if possible - for cosmetic and personal hygiene purposes. I warmly recommend our wide range of Mannas, many of which are certified vegan. These Mannas solely contain pure plant-based ingredients, are GMO- and animal cruelty-free. Our entire collection is listed on our website.

Are you ready for your vegan adventure?


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