Manna featured at the Harvard University fashion show
manna featured at the harvard university fashion show

Manna featured at the Harvard University fashion show

What does Manna and fashion have in common? They're both innovative and eternally renewable. We had the honor to spread the good news of Manna products to Harvard University in the United States, showcasing our products through an incredible fashion show!

So how did Manna end up on the "catwalk" of a fashion show?

I always dreamed of familiarizing Manna, as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly brand, with all of those who are passionate about environmental conservation and creativity. I couldn't have hoped for a better occasion to do so than at a fashion show organized by the students of Harvard University. The event was entitled Fashion Innovation, focused on the connection between fashion and technology as well as fashion and sustainability. The organizers consider fashion an organically changing art form while maintaining a continuous dialogue with the world around us. Sounds like an exciting and inspiring idea, right?

The VIP guests included numerous luminaries from Harvard University and many other invited guests, who took home a wonderful Manna gift package from the incredible evening. It means a lot to me that we had a chance to introduce ourselves with this small gesture and be a part of a creative initiative.

As you can see from the photos, the fashion show turned out just the way it was intended to. International collections, creative cuts and the finest possible materials. It's incredible to know that not only did the invited guests see our products, but also had a chance to take them home and try our Hungarian natural cosmetics.

When browsing the fashion images, don't forget the philosophy of Manna products: natural approaches, environmental conservation and animal welfare are concepts that are important in both the world of cosmetics and fashion. When people with the same mindset, willing to do something for each other and the environment, come together, it can result in cooperation with the likes of the fashion show hosted at Harvard University.

The world of catwalks was magical, yet what pleases me the most is that the event proved that natural, ethical and sustainable approaches will never go out of fashion.

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