Natural ingredients

We make no compromise on quality – that ethos lies at the heart of Manna’s technology.

We use no chemicals, no artificial scents and no stabilizers for the making of our products.

All ingredients of Manna cosmetics are:

All Manna products are handmade of natural ingredients only. They are all 100% chemical free.

Making sure we source the best ingredients involves a constant monitoring of our suppliers. Our entire supply chain has recently been scanned by Cruelty Free International (formerly known as BUAV International), a global body at the forefront of the fight against live animal testing. Following their investigation Manna became the first Hungarian company to obtain the ‘Cruelty Free’ label.

We don’t use any artificial colours or synthetic scents in Manna products. Typically, each and every product is worked on by 9 Manna colleagues before it gets its final form and starts its journey.

The purity of Manna ingredients has been certified by a number of international bodies – our product range contains USDA- and Ecocert-certified Manna products as well.

On top of all that, we have made another important commitment: we don’t use palm oil in our products. The cosmetics industry uses this material in unreasonable quantities – even though the wanton expansion of palm oil production is causing an ecological catastrophe.

We believe that your skin deserves top-quality, chemical-free, 100% natural Manna cosmetics – try these wonderful products now! Manna’s world is rooted in pristine Nature itself.