Dress your home in wonderful autumn colours
dress your home in wonderful autumn colours

Dress your home in wonderful autumn colours

The autumn is a rich repository of endless possibilities, full of colours, shapes and bearings.

If you take the treasures of nature inside your home and admire them day after day, it can help you become attuned to the season and experience it with as much joy as possible!

You can use chestnuts, walnuts or leaves to create many new things - the only limit is your imagination! Not only is creating them a pleasant experience, but it can also help you unwind.

Autumn leaf wreath
One of the most popular autumn decorations - all you need are some colourful tree leaves and a wicker wreath base. You can add further decorations to your wreath with autumn bearings, pine cones and chestnuts plus a pastel ribbon.

Decorative gourds
I made a composition of gourds on the balcony which is made even lovelier with some candles in the evening! Place a few gourds throughout your apartment or next to the front door, perhaps gathering them in a pile and paint them with decorative leaf patterns or surround them with lovely branches gathered during your autumn strolls! You can use both decorative gourds and squashes which you can later roast in the oven.

Autumn bearings table decoration
It can be incredibly stylish to decorate the dining table or kitchen counter during the autumn months! Gather some chestnuts, acorns and hazelnuts and polish them to a shine! They look lovely when filled into a long glass vase or crystal biscuit dish tied with a golden, orange or brown ribbon. It will be a real feature of your autumn table!

Fruit bowl
If you don't have time for any of the above, you can whip up a quaint decoration for your autumn dinner by arranging the tastiest autumn fruits in a lovely composition! Find a fruit bowl and fill it with grapes, apples and pears! The mature, colorful waxy fruits look lovely as they are, but you can also add a few lovely leaves or pine cones!

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