Get rid of spots!
get rid of spots!

Get rid of spots!

It's not easy to cope with spots as a teenager, yet the red, inflamed blemishes can be even more annoying later on in life. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions, and the following includes some of the best tips!

I keep getting a great number of questions on the options for treating spots yet actually, this is a problem that has to be dealt with in multiple ways. Why? Spots have to be treated externally, with the right skincare techniques and products as well as internally, with proper dietary habits and lifestyle.

Let's see, how do spots appear?

Beyond genetic and sebum production disorders, the underlying cause of spots often point to medication and certain contaminating and irritating materials. The agonizing symptoms can also be caused by certain foodstuffs, allergies and hormonal effects. Contact with contaminated air and bacteria as well as stress can also contribute to the problem.

In the following, I'll explain the 4 pillars to healthy skin, which will grant you clean, radiant skin if carefully observed!

Change you dietary habits!

Foodstuffs are your main aid in the fight against spots. Zinc deficiency is known as one of the leading causes of spots. Make sure you get an ample supply of foodstuffs rich in zinc, such as legumes: green beans, peas or lentils in order to provide your skin with the nourishing it requires.

Apart from a lack of zinc, the spread of spots can also be caused by a lack of essential fatty acids, which has also been linked to severe inflammatory skin diseases. Make sure you get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, by eating fish or plant-based oils and flax seeds which provide a rich supply of healthy fatty acids.
Avoid consuming large amounts of coffee, sugar or dairy products and you'll see how cleaner your skin will be when avoiding these foodstuffs.

The key: skin cleansing

Naturally, the greatest improvements in problematic facial skin can be achieved through proper facial care. When it comes to acne, use the Facial cleansing soap with activated carbon. This pitch black unique soap generally improves the look of acne skin with medical-grade coal powder as its main ingredient, alongside nourishing components such as coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. It's no coincidence that this dark black soap, proven to clean skin thoroughly, has become the flagship of the Manna empire.

Drink plenty of liquids!

Apart from the above-listed considerations, it's important to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day, as skin problems are often caused by dehydration. Fruit rich in fiber, fresh seasonal vegetables and plenty of liquids will help clean your skin and hydrate it inwardly.

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