Heres how to grow your hair fast!
heres how to grow your hair fast!

Heres how to grow your hair fast!

A wonderful, long, healthy head of hair makes all women look beautiful, so it's important that your hair stays well-groomed and grows fast. The good news is that you can use natural methods to stimulate hair growth, resulting in long and thick locks of hair.

Did you know that hair grows by an average of 1 cm per month? It happens so naturally that we don't notice it at all. In fact, we usually start thinking about hair growth when we face some problem, for example, in the case of hair loss or when the hair gets thin and frayed.

One of the possible reasons of hair loss is that the scalp receives an insufficient supply of blood, the circulation slows down and unfortunately, the cells and follicles responsible for growth don't receive enough blood. Fortunately, there are some tried and tested tricks for hair growth which you can try yourself. However, often serious health problems are found as the cause of hair loss or lack of growth, therefore if the tips listed below don't work out, it's better to contact an expert.

Here are a few natural hair growth techniques that can yield rapid results:


I recommend thoroughly massaging your scalp every evening or at least when washing your hair as this will stimulate the blood supply of the scalp and follicles. Carefully press down on your scalp with the pads of your fingers from the edges towards the center moving from the forehead towards the nape of the neck. While washing your hair, thoroughly rub the scalp with your fingertips. Make sure you don't massage the skin with your nails or fingertips as this can injure the sensitive surface of your skin and cause inflammations.

Castor oil

Even our grandmothers were aware of the effect of castor oil on the beauty of our hair. It nourishes the hair and stimulates growth. You can apply some oil on your scalp before washing your hair or what's even better is to use a product that contains castor oil, for example, the Manna Healthy Locks hair-wash soap. Once you've fallen in love with the oils, I recommend trying the Manna Argan oil applied on towel-wet, freshly washed hair.


One of the possible causes of hair loss is that you’re "punishing" your hair too often, for example, by ironing or combing it too often, tying it up in a tight ponytails or wearing it in braids for too long. Buns or other hairstyles that having a stretching effect on the follicles can also easily lead to hair loss. Try resting your hair for a few months. Don't dye your hair or use any hair-fixing foam, hairspray or other synthetic products and let your hair hang loose. You'll see, your locks will soon recover and the long-awaited growth will take place.

Natural shampoo and hair conditioner

I've left hair-washing and conditioning as the last factor because beautiful hair starts with appropriate care. Try our Manna shampoos and hair conditioners specifically developed for dry or greasy hair or if you're looking for some truly natural pampering free of any synthetic products. The hair strands practically absorb such natural ingredients. The Manna haircare products provide a hydrated sensation*, making your locks soft and shiny**. Natural shampoos effectively clean the hair*, whilst hair conditioners nourish and nurture your hair and scalp* – as proven by the tests of an internationally renowned research laboratory.

It's indispensable to use hair conditioner in order to achieve rapidly growing hair as a dry scalp is frequently one of the reasons of hair loss - there's a greater chance of this happening in cold weather. You can even keep the Manna hair conditioner on for up to 40 minutes instead of just a short time before thoroughly rinsing it off.

*based on the subjective user feedback of a survey of 25 women and men conducted by an independent, internationally renowned laboratory (participants used Manna natural shampoo prior to applying the hair conditioner.

**based on the machine-based measurements of a survey of 25 women and men conducted by an independent, internationally renowned laboratory

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