Mapping your skin
mapping your skin

Mapping your skin

Your face is generally not oily yet it develops spots from time to time in certain areas – there could be multiple reasons for this phenomenon. Possible culprits are hormonal anomaly, stress, air humidity or even an ill-chosen hairstyle!

Here is a map to help you find what’s causing it to You:

Spots, blackheads on your forehead

If you have a fringe, the problem might be caused by the hair grease that gets onto your skin – or indeed by irritation (as your hair is constantly brushing against your forehead). If that’s the case, I recommend the Manna products found in the Problem Solver Bundle. After using those, hydrate and nourish your skin with Premium Shea Butter or Argan Beauty Oil.

Spots on your chin

They are probably the hardest to deal with: the cystic, inflamed, painful lumps might be caused by stress, too much sugar in the diet or by hormonal changes. People prone to them mainly see the spots appear right before their period.

The most important thing: never ever squeeze them – it will only make the inflammation worse. What you can do about them? The golden rule is prevention: lots of liquid, some detoxifying tea, little or no sweets during the critical periods. If the inflamed lumps have already appeared, use Tea Tree Essential Oil to speed up the healing and only wash your face with gently cleansing soaps: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap or White Satin Facial Cleansing Soap. In terms of facial mask, I recommend Skin Nourishing Mask with White Tea.

Spots around your mouth 

If you tend to see spots only in this area (but here, they come regularly), it’s worth having a think about what you have eaten the days before. It could be down to some kind of food allergy or intolerance (most often, it’s lactose intolerance) or too much salt in your diet.

Whatever causes your problems, try to consume as little synthetic stuff and sugar as possible, get enough sleep, drink enough liquid and find a way to relax. For facial cleansing and skin care You already have Manna products :)

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