What makes natural cosmetics ‘natural’?
what makes natural cosmetics ‘natural’?

What makes natural cosmetics ‘natural’?

Myths and misconceptions abound when it comes to defining what the term ‘natural cosmetics’ actually means. The fact that a soap was homemade or produced with traditional techniques – or indeed the nice landscapes pictured on the packaging – tells us little about the actual ingredients. What further complicates matters is the trend to market most cosmetics as products containing natural and vegan ingredients (among others).

If the packaging that doesn’t tell you about all the ingredients (they often just write ‘main ingredients’) or the description emphasises only one or two vegan ingredient(s) of a cosmetic product then it’s almost certain that it contains chemical-based ingredients or petrochemicals.

Many companies take advantage of their customers’ trust or lack of awareness and put preservatives and artificial scents in their products which they then market as purely natural. At the same time, our company sticks rigorously to the no-chemical ethos and practice – one after the other, Manna products undergo the strictest audits to prove they are fully natural.

To make sure you can’t be fooled by the cosmetics industry, note the following:

Natural cosmetics are made exclusively of natural ingredients free of synthetic scents, synthetic colours, petrochemicals and preservatives. 

Every product has to undergo a lengthy screening process with one of the reputed European certification bodies such as COSMOS (formerly BDIH) in order to prove that it only contains natural ingredients gained and processed with environmentally friendly methods. Packaging matters too and manufacturers also have to comply with strict standards and regulations if they have used any non-vegan ingredient.

A natural cosmetic product has to meet even higher standards if it’s to get the COSMOS ORGANIC certificate. Beyond complying with all the above, the manufacturer of such a product also has to prove that 95% of the ingredients were sourced from organic production.

All these standards strictly apply during the certification process, and there are no loopholes. 

Therefore, we are incredibly proud that more and more Manna products are being awarded certificates by COSMOS, Europe’s most reputed certification body. Find the list of certified Manna products HERE – needless to say, the list is constantly growing.

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