Too much pressure? These foods can help
too much pressure? these foods can help

Too much pressure? These foods can help

It might sound strange but eating can actually help. But of course, what you eat matters a great deal: well-chosen food can help you cope better under pressure even if you’re so pressed for time that you only manage to eat bits and bobs now and then.

How to reduce stress 

You may be familiar with this problem: you have eaten next to nothing all day and when you finally arrive home you wolf down whatever you find in the kitchen. But there is another way. In order to become more patient, easy and focussed during work or studying, you have to eat regularly. Making sure that your blood sugar levels don’t swing wildly (which is usually caused by high-sugar, white flour foods) is already a big step toward a healthier lifestyle.

If you grapple with stress and/or spring spleen, these foods can help:

5 foods that will make you happier:

    • Green vegetables: it’s spinach-, sorrel and salad season – don’t miss out on them. These vegetables are brimming with folic acid which is great for your health.

    • Turkey meat: By eating turkey meat you are promoting the production of another ‘happiness hormone’.

    • Live culture dairy products: Genuine yoghurt and kefir contain pro-biotics that promote the generation and balance of healthy gut flora. There’s a less commonly known yet scientifically proven link between one’s gut flora and one’s immune system, mental balance and even the health of one’s skin. Many scientists claim that our health hinges entirely upon healthy digestion.

    • Nuts: it’s not just that they are full of vitamins and trace elements – the rhythmic movement of the mouth and jaw involved in chewing is in itself a relaxing activity. The best stress busters are cashew nuts and pistachio – whenever you feel like snacking, choose these instead of chips or crisps.

  • Dark chocolate: 1-2 small bits of dark (min. 70% cocoa) chocolate will deliver fantastic antioxidants to your body and cheer you up. It helps to unwind and reduces stress in the blood whereas in your brain it stimulates processes similar to those you experience when you are in love. Which makes it really moreish indeed...

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